Christmas Turkey Deposit – White

* Full payment taken on collection.

Our turkeys are slowly-reared on the farm in naturally lit, spacious barns and fed on a high-quality, natural diet. The turkeys are plucked, hand finished and then left to hang for a minimum of 8 days developing a fuller, rich flavour.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Turkey Waiting List

Unfortunately, we have a limited range of turkey sizes available due to a higher demand than expected this year.

It is possible that we may have some more fresh turkeys available when we have a more accurate stock count during the butchery process. If you’d like to be put on the reservation list for a fresh turkey please leave your details on our online form below. Please note this does not guarantee you a turkey until we have confirmed that we are able to provide one to you. We hope to let customers know by 16th December.

  1. In White Turkeys Prices
  • 4-5kg £11.55/kg £5.24/lb - turkeys below 5kg are slower growing breeds taking the birds longer to reach their desired weight.

  • Over 5kg £10.50 / kg £4.76 / lb


This year we will be taking a £20 deposit for each turkey ordered. Payment will be taken at the time of ordering either through our website or by telephone payment. Cancellations before 1st December will be refunded minus a £5 administration fee.

£20 will be deducted off the marked price of your turkey on the day of collection.


Please read carefully before ordering.

How come you aren’t supplying Bronze turkeys this year?

We will only be supplying traditional white-feathered turkeys. We believe that the superior taste of our meat comes from the slow-rearing and the long hanging process of our turkeys, rather than the colour of their feathers. Our turkeys are reared in well-ventilated, spacious barns which are naturally lit. We hang the turkeys for 8-10 days to fully mature and accentuate the flavour.

What size turkey should I order?

All our turkeys are weighed in kilos and categorised into 1kg weight ranges starting from 5kg to 10kg. Please see our size guide below:


Turkey Size Serving Suggestion
4kg (9lb) 6 – 8 people
5kg (11lb) 8-10 people
6kg (13lb) 10-12 people
7kg (15lb) 12-14 people
8kg (17.5lb) 16-18 people
9kg (20lb) 18-20 people

Do I need to choose a collection day?

No, you can either collect on Saturday 23rd December 8.30 – 4pm or Sunday 24th 8.30am – 1pm. You don’t need to let us know when you will be coming. We will be running a drive-through system again to maintain the flow of cars through the farmyard. You will also have the option to enjoy a brew and bacon butty as you wait in the queue.

Do you take card payments?

You can pay for your turkey with cash or card on the day. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cheques.

What should I do if I don’t receive a confirmation email?

You should receive confirmation as soon as your order is placed. If you don’t receive one, or if the details are incorrect, contact us straight away to check that we have received your order.

How does the deposit work?

This year we are taking a £20 deposit for each turkey order which is paid at the time of ordering either through our website or telephone payment. Cancellations before 1st December will be refunded minus a £5 administration fee.

Can I order a turkey crown?

We believe that a whole bird produces the best eating, however, we appreciate that this doesn’t suit everyone. We can supply a crown on the bone with the wings. Legs and thighs are taken off for your convenience and supplied separately. These will make a tasty casserole, curry or could be frozen and saved for later use.

​To order a crown, you should select the size of the whole bird you need and then specify in the comments section of the online order that you would like it to be crowned. We will do the rest for you.

How do I cook my turkey?

We recommend cooking your turkey breast down so that the juices from the back run into the breast. You can read our full cooking instructions here:

Bates Farm – How To Cook My Christmas Turkey

Can I order a turkey for New Year?

Please let us know in the comments section on the online order or request over the phone if you’d like your turkey for an alternative date to Christmas.