vegetable boxes

Farm fresh, local vegetable boxes available to pre-order


We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Our christmas orders will be back in Nov/December 2024!


Our vegetables are sourced from local producers. Each veg box costs approx. £15 (Exact cost of potatoes and veg boxes will be confirmed closer to Christmas once we have prices from our local producers) and includes

5kg (11lb) cheshire potatoes
2.0kg (4lb) local carrots
1.0kg (2lb) local parsnips
1.0kg (2lb) fresh onions
and a stick of local sprouts
(imperial weights are approximate)

Full bags of potatoes 25kg (55lb) can also be ordered separately at a cost of £7 each
Half bags of potatoes 12.5kg (27lb) can be ordered at a cost of £4.50 each

Savoy Cabbage, Leeks & Sprouts Price To Be Confirmed

Vegetable boxes and potatoes can be ordered with your turkey order using the form below

Potatoes and Veg boxes will be available for collection on
Thursday 23rd December and Friday 24th December

Please fill out the form below to order your vegetable box

“The fondest memories are made gathered around the table”
There is still time to pre-order your turkey

“The fondest memories are made gathered around the table”