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Bates Farm Turkeys

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We have been producing traditional farm fresh turkeys for Christmas at Bates Farm for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality Christmas turkeys.

This year we also have a limited number of turkeys available to order for Easter.

Our turkeys arrive as day old chicks & are reared to maturity in well ventilated, naturally lit, spacious barns on deep bedding of either straw or shavings. They are fed a high quality, cereal based, drug free diet that contains no growth promoting additives, to provide a range of weights ready for Christmas.

We are independently inspected annually to ensure that we maintain the highest welfare standards. Slaughter takes place on the farm with the minimum of stress. Plucking is hand finished. All our turkeys are game hung for 8-10 days in a chilled environment to give them a fuller richer flavour.

Turkeys are supplied Oven Ready.

Easter 2014 prices £4.50 / kg..(£2.00 / lb) for frozen turkeys
£5.50 / kg..(£2.50 / lb) for fresh turkeys

Fresh turkeys are available in the weight range 5-6kg only

Frozen turkeys are available in weight ranges 4-5kg, 5-6kg and 6-7kg

We only have a very limited number of each size available.

Orders will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Turkeys can be ordered & collected directly from Bates Farm.